Punching Bags

Punching Bags

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adidas Dymex Canvas Punching Bag - 3 Sizes

FEATURES 100% Dymex Canvas 4ft - 70lbs5ft - 95lbs6ft - 80lbs4-Part ChainArrives filledRei..


adidas Maya Upper Cut Punching Bag

FEATURES 100% PU3G MayaApproximately 60lbs92cm x 46cm x 28cm4-Part ChainArrives filledRei..


adidas Upper Cut Punching Bag

FEATURES 100% PUApproximately 75lbs81cm x 42cm2-Part ChainArrives filledReinforced stitch..


Traditional Pro-Style Swivel

FEATURES Made of durable stainless-steel that will NEVER rustUnique 1"-- center cylinder ..