Embroidery Services


Seka-Sports, Inc. provides the highest quality embroidery in Japanese or English. You may choose to embroider your style name and your name from a variety of colors.

We offer the following in-house services:

  • Embroidery Your Custom logo's (digitizing fee will apply)
  • Katakana
  • Kanji
  • English/Roman
  • Dan Bars
  • Uniform Embroidery
  • Standard & Butterfly-Style Belt Embroidery

Standard Embroidery
Stitching will show on back side of the belt.
Available cotton & satin belts.


Butterfly Embroidery
Stitching will not show on back side.
Only available in cotton belts.




We can customize your uniform by embroidering JKA, ISKF and many more organizations directly on your gi.


We offer a wide variety of labels to add to your uniform or belt such as ISKF, JKA, Shito-Kai, SKIF, WKF, Wado-Kai, Wado-Ryu

Please contact us at info@seka-sports.com, give us a call at 562-941-2242